Membership to The Sun Group is by Invitation Only

Scientist on lake shore testing water quality

Potential Candidates

To be considered for membership, candidates need to meet the following qualifications:

  • Demonstrate a focus on resource conservation and sustainability in their business or in the services provided
  • Demonstrate a mutual benefit between their business and the SUN Group members if becoming a member
  • Ability to attend 50% of SUN events and twice-monthly general membership meetings held at 7:30 am in Syracuse
  • Ability to participate on a Committee

Prospects for membership must be referred to the Membership Committee by a SUN Group member in good standing.


Sample SUN Member projects

Catskill Recreation Center

VIP Structures - Catskill Recreation Center, Arkville, NY

Design and Construction Team - VIP Architectural Associates, IPD Engineering and VIP Structures, Inc.

Project Description - 20,000 square foot recreation center with a competitive pool and fitness center

Energy Saving Features - Geothermal heating system below the parking lot and photo-voltaic panels on the roof to provide additional electrical power to the building.

Catskill Recreation Center geothermal heating below parking lot

Catskill Recreation Center photo-voltaic panels 

Catskill Recreation Center fitness center

Catskill Recreation Center competitive pool