SUN - New Member Registration and Initial Directory Build

Complete this to register a new member on the website and start their Directory listing.  Their username and password will be sent to them.  Once this step is complete, the new member needs to be activated in the backend, and their directory listing needs to be activated before they will be able to log in.

Profile Information

The following information will be used as part of the website directory listing.

Enter several words or phrases that your typical customer might use to search for your type of services. Separate them with a semi-colon.
For example: LEED Construction; Recycling and Reuse
Maximum: 45 characters

(xxx) xxx-xxxx
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Email *

In the following text areas, please press "Enter" when completed. You will see the "Words" in the bottom right corner of the box increment.

Limited to 1500 characters - approximately 300 words.

The information below is required to provide login access to the SUN website's Member Area.